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Stay at the castle

With each room providing a different yet unique experience at this 18th century heritage property, treat yourself to a royal reservation. The castle accommodation ranges from compact, kitsch to ultra-luxury royal suites; some more spacious than even luxury city apartments. Be in the middle of all the action, your room will be AT THE FESTIVAL!

Harlem (DISTRICT tent city)

Take a 400 meters walk through the forest from Castle Kalwar to find yourself at Harlem, your residence for 3 days at DISTRICT. This zone will provide ultra-modern tents equipped with all facilities, dedicated concierge, secure lockers and an unmatched camping experience in the middle of the desert. Spanning across four categories of stay from Premium to Ultra-luxury, Harlem is your very own abode to catch that occasional snooze or just lay back & relax in between acts or during the festival.

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