About The Festival

It's that time of the year when we start counting backwards to hosting our tribe for an unforgettable gathering united in the spirit of music and art exchange. We look forward to welcome you back at the enchanting Bara Bungalow (Castle) Kalwar, Rajasthan from February 21st until February 23rd 2020.

As an outtake from our previous two editions, this year promises to be more inclusive, more intimate and worth your while all the more! We are bringing forth, a bevy of heavyweights to this heritage 18th century home, laden with history, art and soulful reminiscence, for the third edition of Locals District, India's first none of its kind music festival!

With an edge over own game and masterful curation, our third edition is sure to be an unforgettable extravaganza. District continues our tradition of serving larger than life performers alongside stylish, avant-garde talent from the most culturally rich underground communities in India and across the globe. Here’s your date with the future alongside artists chosen to awaken one's higher consciousness through music, art and immersive interactions, thoughtfully aligned with nature’s harmony in an idyllic setting.

We strive to deliver a tastefully crafted, all-encompassing music experience. This year we have worked to create a more socially responsible experience whilst continuing to deliver the best in quality and memories. With efforts in nurturing our environment to replenishing our planet, Locals District 2020 challenges the status quo by proving that music, art and community can give back manifolds and in absolute harmony to our own little universe, step by step.

We come together for a charming third time, for the love of music, community and our beloved Earth and no doubt with that unmistakable must-not-miss allure, smack on!