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DJ Hell

An unequivocal industry visionary, DJ Hell's career has embodied and then transcended his many guises: Anti-Superstar DJ, International DeeJay Gigolo Label Boss, GQ Man of the Year, Playboy, Jetsetter, Bon Viveur, Munich Machine, New York Muscle. Seeing, and envisioning - that is of enormous relevance to Hell. He managed to convey pure artistic prowess as well as pure style during his thirty year DJ career. The individual look, the do-it-yourself approach, the elitism. That's how it grew.


Every story has a beginning and Reclaim story began behind a DJ booth at the age of 15. He wasn't headlining. He wasn't an artist yet. He wasn't even supposed to be there. Having been snuck into the party by an older cousin, he found himself lost in the music and not the crowd.

About a decade and a full circle later, Reclaim's back in the same spot, except tables have turned. Armed with an education in Sound Engineering from SAE, now an established DJ/Producer and one half of the the acclaimed Indian Techno duo 'Oozeundat', Reclaim has set the stage for a new chapter in 2017.

Having toured extensively both nationally and internationally and following successful releases with established record labels such as MBF (Traumschallplatten), FunknDeep, Qilla, Patent Skillz etc, Reclaim looks ready to make you shut up and dance as a solo artist. Reclaim has played all major festival and boutique parties in India like Supersonic, Sunburn, EDC, EVC, Cntrl Alt Dance, Go Madras and Krank in the past couple of years.

Reclaim believes in being versatile and not constricting himself to a particular genre. He draws on elements from progressive, minimal, techno and house, not afraid to blend styles while emphasising on playing music according to the vibe of the place and the energy of his audience


Oryza, a solo project of Aashna Oriza Kamboj, a b from a small town in Haryana, India, marks the begin of pure musical exploration in the underground dance music scene.

She started producing music in 2014, exploring var electronic music. After spending some good time on learning the skill that goes into making electronic sounds and produce meaningful work, she wanted her tracks to reach out to the masses not just through virtual media but also through performances.

Having delivered mind-boggling music sets at various clubs in Delhi, she breaks the commercially accepted norms of dance music, to take people on a dark journey of beautiful synth work, ethereal backdrops, and brooding basslines, all on top of a pronounced foot-shuffling house and techno beat, through her own music as well.

She made her debut Minimal Techno release last year on Ash Roy & Calm Chor’s imprint, SOUPHERB RECORDS, as part of the VA- Sub Continental Vol.04.

Disko Samosa

Diskosamosa is the DJ monicker of Mukul Nagori. It all came into being in 2017 when he decided to quit his job as a helicopter pilot to pursue his love for playing music and making perfumes full time.

He's come a long way from being a closeted bedroom DJ for over 6 years and a music blogger to being one of the most prominent names behind the ever burgeoning Indore underground music scene.

His sets impart a signature eclectic mixbag sound with a plethora of multiple influences centering around disco, funk, soul, boogie, jazz, afro,house, techno by all coming into a unison for a Sonic revelation, where selection is a thing of heartfelt epicurean passion.

Having shared stage with various national and international acts such as Guy Mantzur, Arjun Wagale, Madboy, Mr. K, Sindhi Curry, Abhi Meer, Aqua Dominatrix, Chabb, Kunal Lodhia, Gurbax, Monophonic to name a few.

And most recently, a shining feather in the cap is his very own party series, the longest, most buzzing sundowner series of Indore, the "Sunday Sunset" which is said to have bought upon a musical revolution in Indore, positively impacting the City through his art.


Señor reveals a different incarnation of Ankur’s musical psyche, one that strides ahead, guided only by his kaleidoscopic vision; moving through shimmering, contemplative electronica, to deep and urgent techno, leftfield melodic accents and quirky pop refrains.

Señor is the by-product of an untamed brand of creativity and a thirst for the new and unexpected. Drawing inspiration from artists as diverse as H.O.S.H, Butch, Maceo Plex, Hot Since 82, Ben Böhmer, BLOT! and Kohra. Señor’s spirit of adventure translates as soaring creativity and music that cannot be pigeonholed.

As he restlessly seeks out the ultimate intersection between all of his disparate influences, Ankur explains it best: “Good electronic music is not a jail,” he says, “It should be enjoyable everywhere, from dancefloors to living rooms, and by everybody.” Now an integral part of the mobilee family, Señor will continue to channel his vision, passion, and love of music into all that he does, and all that will come.


Black Merlin is the project of the British George Thompson. Follower of field recording and author of many releases experimenting different nooks of electronic music, it is his album Hipnotik Tradisi and his singular way of assimilating the traditional Balinese music which lifts the veil on this full-fledged artist. DJ talent, his universe is rich, hypnotic and dancing between EBM, techno tinted industrial and space disco. Label Affiliations: Island of The Gods, Berceuse Heroique, Jealous God, Pinkman, Boysnoize, Omnidisc, Common Thread, SORN, Crimes of The Future, LN-CC Recordings, World Unknown, New Jersey, Bird Scarer.


As a producer, DJ & label owner Cosmin Nicolae’s dedication to developing a rich and wholly personal artistic landscape provides the driving force behind one of dance music’s most unique & industrious individuals.

Opening the door on Hessle Audio over a decade ago - an outlet that has gone on to become a defining voice within electronic music in the 21st Century, Nicolae’s list of affiliations reads like a who’s who of top tier contemporary dance music record labels. Appearances on Amsterdam’s Rush Hour and Gerd Janson’s Running Back, as well as a brace of singles alongside LP’s Gordian and Simulat on the now defunct 50 Weapons - not to mention work for Semantica and Bleep, have cemented Cosmin TRG deep in the psyche of the ever shifting amoeba that is the dance music zeitgeist.

In many ways, what lies at the heart of Nicolae’s work - beyond the extraordinary pairing of high end sound design and club functionality, is an innate ability to bind his discography - to create a streamlined sonic vision without compromise, one that moves with purpose and vigour outwards to explore in depth structures that exist on the very periphery of House & Techno, Ambient & experimental electronics - but maintain a unique and recognisable finish. Few artists could boast a discography that marries 2016’s ubiquitous In Your Body, an anthemic spokenword- meets-Tool-Techno leviathan released via Nicolae’s own club-focused Sportiv outlet, with Semnal - a gloriously executed LP of shifting, otherworldly Experimental music delivered under the artist’s given name via the Opal Tapes label.

Cult concept missive Hope This Finds You Well, Nicolae’s 2019 reflection on corporate culture furthers this same dichotomy - a stunning wide-angle Ambient LP on Fizic - the label operated by the artist as a home to more conceptual iterations, that followed hot on the footsteps of a remix for Bpitch founder Ellen Alien & the fourth instalment on Sportiv - both offerings heady club constructions in their own right.

On the road, both DJ sets and live performances mirror this healthy sentiment - with Nicolae as comfortable on main stages showcasing his take on hyper-modern propulsive Techno, as he is presenting the low slung avant-garde preoccupations of his more leftfield alias’. There’s the constant feeling that both these practices feed back into one another, and that from each respective vantage point, Cosmin TRG is able to make the kind of dynamic & intuitive artistic "1 decisions that few can - keeping his work fresh & current without concession - ceding to his own desire to further his vision as a creator of sonic abstraction without losing sight of the dance floor.


This is what defines Kiko best, versatile artist who has thrilled electronic music fans for two decades now. His journey began in the mid-90s in Grenoble, France. Back then, Kiko makes many collaborations on labels such as Interface, Ozone Records, with French and international artists, including The Hacker, Oxia and Miss Kittin. His vinyl shop then becomes the most important place of Grenoble's scene, forging a « made in France » techno. After that, he plays in the biggest festivals, clubs and raves, travelling through the country before growing international. In 2011, Carl Cox chooses him for his « Revolution Tour » warm-ups in France. 2013 is marked by his own tour « 20 Years of Music Production » and his worldwide gigs. In 2016, he confirms his position with a tour across the Pacific Ocean and performs during Miguel Campbell's Outcross parties at Sankeys Ibiza.

Multifaceted. In the late 90s, Kiko decided to focus on production, which was based on his own influences : the italo-disco and new wave music (as shown with the EP « Total Gaz », released on Turbo Recordings). His many releases talk for him and are played by the very best DJ, from Jeff Mills to DJ Hell, passing by Laurent Garnier.


A mighty girl from Thailand who provoked a techno revolution in her country and then allured to Berlin, Ibiza and all corners of the global scene. A top artist who electrifies the dance floors with her infectious energy, impeccable mixing and uncompromised selection of percussive grooves. Endlessly talented, purely self-made, contagiously passionate, internationally praised - this is Nakadia, one of the most wanted female DJs today. Nakadia carries her unstoppable energy since childhood, while growing up in Isaan -the poor Thai countryside. Various jobs led her to a first trip to Europe in 2002 where she encountered Techno. A turbulent journey began. She devoted herself to find the perfect sonic fuse. Gigs on the island of Koh Samui launched her internationally within the shortest amount of time. Crafting her techy sound without any guidance, in the country marked by mainstream only, she pioneered the rise of the underground, conquering the rest of the world simultaneously.

Sebastian Voigt

Sebastian Voigt is a producer and remixer based in Berlin, as well as a true DJ who isn’t limited by genre or tempo. One foot in the present and one in the past, his music is rooted in the raw energy of techno, the soul and spirit of house, the cold futurism of new wave and electro, all drenched in the blurred euphoria of sweaty warehouse raves. Born and raised amongst the mythical hills of Germany’s Black Forest, Sebastian cut his teeth in London’s warehouse party scene as promoter and resident DJ of the infamous Lo*kee parties which were once described by Mixmag as “the best (and most private) Sunday afternoon rendezvous to hit East London in a long time". Now back in Berlin, he is a key member of the Wilde Renate family, the place where he holds a monthly DJ residency and which is also home to his studio. In recent years, Sebastian is keeping a busy touring schedule, with regular shows around the world. In 2018, he also started a new residency for Carlos Capslock in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His productions and remixes have been released on labels such as: Outcast Oddity, Visionquest, Luv Shack, Renate Schallplatten, Watergate Records, Fathers & Sons, In Their Feelings, La Dame Noir, My Favourite Robot, Keinemusik, and more.


Terr is the project of Daniela Caldellas, a Barcelona-based DJ-producer who grew up in Brazils Belo Horizonte. Terr was born in 2016 as Caldellas’ first solo project. It’s name stems from the the 1970’s film “Fantastic Planet”: Terr is the name of the main human character. The debut release, a three-track EP titled Burn the Past, landed on Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings, followed in early 2017 with Misantropicalia — which “extended Terr's musical horizons,” Caldellas explains. More recently, she returned to the label with Midnight, a two-tracker featuring a remix by Tuff City Kids. Her sound blends techno, electro, and house with electro-futuristic textures and analog sounds.

Recently, Caldellas has set up her own label Clash Lion, alongside Shall Ocin and Daniel Watts. The label broke through instantly with the first release seeing Maetrik’s resurgence in a number of years, aptly named the ‘Return EP’. Since then the label has seen numerous artists pass through the gates including ANNA, Shall Ocin and more.


With experience of 7 years, he has climbed his way to the upper reaches of success in a rather enviable time. “My style usually varies from some groovy house music to a bit of super pounding techno ”, adds this powerhouse of talent. His sounds have an immense hypnotic groove and pack a punch in every single set that he seems to deliver so effortlessly, all owing to his vast knowledge and a supreme taste in electronic dance music. As he puts it, the uniqueness of his sets comes custom tailored to every single floor that he takes charge of. He has a flare for evolving his sounds to the latest cutting edge music that technology would permit and has a unique ability to keep a packed house together and moving in sync going complete nuts. He has also been nominated in the Techno category for the year 2015 & 2016 in the prestigious MyFav awards poll. He is also the founder of Global Illusion, a revolutionary nightlife property promoting and organising a whole array of DJ tours and some of the most sought after parties across clubs in the East of India.


Anjali Doshi stage name Ashes is an Indian Soul rooted from Gujarat - Winner of Best Female DJ Telangana 2015 by TCEI, secured a residency with sLick! – the hottest promoters of underground dance music scene in India. Recently, in Maldives for a three-month residency with OZEN by Atmosphere. Still exploring her ways to grow further she started developing love for music at an very early age, and decided to do something with her style later when her love for music evolved - she decided to take it to the next level, she has conquered many dance floors with her unforgettable approach to music, she also believes that music connects people globally no matter what genre of music they love, there is nothing like seeing people get up from a table to dance or the expression on their face when they hear a song they love & she also loves to educate people on music they have never heard.! Her sounds are lusty and sweeping, interwoven with dreamy melody, backed by the kind of bass line that instantly grips you! Her energetic and emotional shows capture the audience, as her energy flows off the console infecting them with euphoric dance floor power, she delivers consistently, both in terms of technique and tune, providing an overall performance package & creating magic!!

Kali Mirch

Kali Mirch is Adi Chaudhri's alias. He plays Techno, House, and other 4-to-the-floor music that lies in between. Since his beginnings in January 2017, Adi has played under multiple stage names in Mumbai before finally settling on the alias 'Kali Mirch' to rep his just for kicks attitude. Till date, he has three releases on the Mumbai based indie label Nrtya and has even represented his music school as one of its up and coming producers at Conservatorium Haarlem in The Netherlands. As a DJ he has appeared on lineups also featuring Indian talents such as Aqua Dominatrix, Reclaim, Vridian, Qwiver and more. He has studied music professionally at the True School of Music and his inspirations lie in the likes of The Midnight, Maceo Plex, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Sailor & I, and Royksopp among many others.


18 years + and counting, in recent times ‘Bullzeye’ has made a big mark in the electronic scenario in India, played with artists like Julian Jeweil, Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Eric Prydz and many many more, his style varies from dancefloor to dancefloor, can start off deep progressive and end with a powerful techno vibe if needed Heavily influenced by Eric Morillo, Paul Oakenfold , Dnny Howells, Jeff Mills, Sven Vath in the late 90’s, Bullzeye is one of our very experienced Dj’s in the country. Played in most of the festivals here like EVC, Supersonic and Sunburn, he is a riot on the console.


Born in The Pink City - Jaipur (India), Def started clubbing in an early age and got deeply influenced by house music. He started hanging out with the other DJs and organizers and started playing music at an age of 16. While practicing and playing house music in 2009 for about two years his taste of music got really minimal and he started producing Minimal/Techno. In the mid of 2014 his track under his duo project |Monkey & Def| "We Are Going To Mars" got released by Ash Roy & Calm Chor's imprint "Soupherb Records" in the first compilation i.e. |Sub- Continental Vol.1| which reached on number 5 on Beatport's top Minimal Releases chart.


Hailing from New Delhi, Hamza has attained a reputation as a pioneer of the house scene in India and one of the more innovative and exciting producers today. Hamza’s diverse international sound is influenced from his strong musical background as well as growing up in India and traveling the world, living in Paris, Boston, and New York. Early in his journey, exposure to renowned house DJs such as Terry Francis, Dave Mothersole, DJ Heather, and Danny Tenaglia inspired Hamza to create his own electronic dance productions. Soon he found a unique style of house music combining deep, tribal, and funky sounds with strong world music influences.

Hamza set up his own label Wind Horse Records to further nourish this growing production repertoire. While in New York, Hamza did his Masters in Music Business at New York University, which gave him a very strong foundation and insight into how to creatively promote his own music. Wind Horse Records, the first Indian house music label, is a major part of that vision.

Hash Trixx

Yash Srivastava aka Hash Trixx is India based solo-electronica project which focuses to promote quality music and atmosphere to the audience with his Live/DJ sets. Hash Trixx's audio-visual live act is a cosmic experience

Sanjay Dutta

Sanjay Dutta needs no introduction to the clubbing community.

He has been at helm of the electronic music movement of India since its very beginning. A stellar career spanning three decades , he is credited for introducing ground breaking, forward thinking dance music to the ever growing scene of the country. A true pioneer in his own right.

"The Beast From The East" , as he is often called by his friends and fans, Sanjay Dutta has been a champion of progressive house & melodic techno since the longest time. His ability to keep any audience in a constant state of euphoria is well known and something his fans swear by.

There isn't any dance music festival or a-list club in India where he hasn't performed. Sanjay has always been the chosen one to play alongside the global superstars of electronic music whenever and wherever they performed in India with two separate monthly radio shows, 'Horizons' on Frisky Radio and 'Blase' on pioneer deejay radio. Sanjay has been reaching out to discerning clubbers and music aficionados on a global scale, gaining a remarkable following worldwide.

Sanjay has initiated a new project Horizons with the thought of showcasing quality electronic music through events. Two such events have already taken place in Goa (India) in 2017 and early 2019, he plans to continue by adding more flair and variety to horizons in the future.

Sanjay continues to bring forth the freshest music to the dance floor, always surprising the crowd with his brilliant presentation and perfect mixing skills. His achievements and expertise as a DJ/Entertainer are too expensive to lay down in words. We rather let his music do the best.


Shreyas_ begun his career in early 2011 in Bangalore (India), with over half a decade of experience behind him, his undying passion for music resonates through his DJ sets which string together hypnotic, deep and atmospheric tonalities with darker and more musically inclined melodic phrases, stitched together to form a journey of its own. His primary motivation comes from the dance floor, channeling the energy of the crowd to improvise and create a unique blend of what’s required for the moment.


Sublimation was conceptualized when Steve and Lavish collaborated as a duo. Our journey as Djs begins since late 2013, where we discovered our ,passion toward electronic music followed by exploring vivid melodic genres. Most of our music and podcast displays the melodic and eclectic journey towards the sublimation.

Lavish is a certified DJ, has accomplished certification from Beatworx Studio, Bangalore, where he was enlightened with vivid mixing, beat matching and other dexterous deejaying techniques under the mentorship of Ashvin Baburao (DJ Inferno, Audio Units) and Leon Mylan in 2012. Post returning to Indore Lavish and Steve continued exploring different music genres and enhancing deejaying skills. Sublimation has performed in several renowned clubs like.


BahaarBahaar has been DJing since 2015 after realizing that music is all she wants to do in life.Identifying as a House Head, she has shared deck spaces with Lea Dobricic, Manu Ferrantini,Darin Epsilon, Juan Mejia, Daniel Bortz, Jitter, Nikhil Chinapa, DJ Mash, Nawed Khan andmore. She has played in premier clubs and events such as Kitty Su Delhi, Danza In The CityVol 7, LOCALS, SHLTR, Raasta, The Wind Horse Showcase, Honk Pullman, Space Tech @Bourbon Broadway Ludhiana, etc. She has also played for the Lotus India fashion Week 2018.

Her music is fresh with House being her core Genre, she likes to play around with melodicsounds and intense bass lines that is sure to get any dance floor moving, experimenting with a lot of Deep house, Tech House, Deep Tech, Techno, Minimal and sometimes Nu Disco.


One of the most consistently exciting talents in today’s underground scene with release on Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, Cocoon and Leftroomand Culprit (just to name a few) ticked off on his resume, this Nottingham-born producer has come on leaps an..

The ‘here and now’ touring the world under the guise of Inxec –a mysterious moniker equalled only by the curious spells he binds with his provocative, intoxicating and idiosyncratic brand of music.

If only Robin Hood could have experienced the mesmeric drone emanating from one of Nottingham’s most legendary venues: The Bomb. In the early 90s, this proved an allure too irresistible for Inxec, known in real life as Christopher Sylvester. This was his calling. Tyrant residents, such as Sasha and his Merry Men Craig Richards and Lee Burridge, wrote their own folklore that would go down in Nottingham’s history. It would also consume Chris from the very beginning. Little did he know that in only a few years, he would be writing a tale of his very own.

Later, after flirting with production in its numerous formats, Chris was gifted the opportunity to play ‘live’. Under his first more-progressive alter ego, Sound Alliance, he embraced this opportunity and a star was born. It was at this crossroads that he met Matt Tolfrey –an encounter that blossomed friendship and, later down the line, a hugely successful production partnership. With this, new opportunities were beckoning. Inxec was now in the reckoning.

In 2006 Inxec began a love affair with Jay Haze’s imprint, Contexterrior, where he released five futuregasmic releases for the forward-thinking label. And Inxec remixes on labels such as Tuning Spork, Stock 5, Barraca and Esperanza were featuring in the playlists of the globe’s finest. He had now been acquainted with the world stage –he loved it. The feeling was mutual. This provided added kudos for the Inxec/Tolfrey powerhouse. Releases on Murmur, SvenVath’s Cocoon recordings and Radioslave’s Rekids were the inevitabilities of this success. It was plain to see that the natural DJ in Tolfrey helped Inxec develop an increasingly stripped dancefloor-destined sound. Remixes followed for the likes of CR2, Culprit, Kismet, Great Stuff and Renaissance to name but a few.

Since then Inxec has collaborated with Droog, Mark Chambers, Leks and most recently, Mark Jenkyns, which has culminated in releases for Crosstown Rebels, Culprit, Last Night on Earth, Leftroomand Get Physical –the list is endless. It therefore comes as no surprise that he has since been invited to play some of the world’s most famous parties ranging from Harry Klein (Munich) and the Panorama Bar (Berlin) to Eleven (Tokyo) and Fabric (London) –notwithstanding his four-year love-in at Culprit’s Los Angeles’ Standard Hotel rooftop party.

With a new live show, his first full-length studio album and more collaborations expected in 2014, it will be without a doubt another year of stellar proportions for this lofty producer.

Extended Drop

As a DJ, Extended Drop has been described in many ways but Distinctive, innovative and cutting edge are the three best ways to describe his style. After three years in the music industry from performing in open air gatherings to clubs, ExtendedDrop has made a name for himself by being ahead in game in not only in his supreme selection of music but the way he plays it as well with long flowing mixes that seamlessly blend one track into the next. His drops has the ability to take control of the dance floor and to energize the crowd that is on it.

Born and brought up in Delhi he got hooked and inclined towards music while travelling around theglobe listening to different styles and his only motive now is doing his bit to push the electronic music scene in India.


If you haven’t heard directly of John Acquaviva’s works, the chances are - whatever your involvement with electronic music is - that you will be aware of his work and influence within the electronic music community. The Italian-Canadian artist may be best known for his involvement with the techno titan Richie Hawtin, and the forming of the highly influential labels Plus 8 Recordings and DEFINITIVE recordings, however his influence and reach extends in swathes beyond these considered pillars of dance music culture.

Although his music and industry accolades sit amongst the greatest in the game, much more can be said about the kind of driven, open-minded character John Acquaviva possesses. A natural entrepreneur, an industry visionary and an avid collector of records, Acquaviva has long set the pace in an underground movement that has become so fruitful and diverse since its inception - not to mention being one of the most technically gifted DJ’s to grace a pair of turntables. Acquaviva is as intrinsic to the progression of dance music as any and a true pioneer in the evolution of what we consider the modern DJ.

On the technological front, no other DJ has made such significant contributions to the advancement of how DJs perform. Acquaviva’s masterful technique and firm grasp of the trade led to his fruitful involvement with Final Scratch and Beatport. A vital founder and active member of both companies – the former, a tool that allows manipulation and playback of digital audio sources, and the latter, a major online hub for electronic music – John’s role extends far beyond his taste making capabilities. He’s been an integral figure in sculpting the genre’s game-changing transition from analogue to digital, and from vinyl to turntables and laptops. Sharing this vision with fellow Canadian act Richie Hawtin, the pair spearheaded a project that would act as the iTunes of dance. Together, the duo arguably paved the path for a new and zestful era.

In 1990, Acquaviva and Hawtin co-founded Plus 8 Records, which capitalised on minimal releases from Cybersonik, Speedy J, Kenny Larkin and Plastikman. It wasn’t until 1993, however, that the pair began to truly embrace their passions for house music by dishing up a second imprint – DEFINITIVE Records. An imprint that was later re-launched in 2005 inspired by the uprising of Beatport and the new future of music distribution. Defined by a more progressive and tech house sound from such luminaries as Olivier Giacomotto, the imprint marked the beginning of John’s unparalleled taste as a global powerhouse and exemplar in dance music. Still releasing music to this day, DEFINITIVE has gone on to be one of the most iconic labels in dance music history.

2016 was a phenomenal year for John Acquaviva. Alongside Director and Writer Jimmie Gonzalez, Acquaviva Executive Produced The Red Man film. A modern day psychological mystery, which delves into the life of a contemporary DJ, The Red Man won numerous awards including ‘Best Feature Film Audience Choice Award’ at the 2015 Yellow Fever International Film Festival, ‘2015 Platinum Award Best Nevada Film’ at the Nevada Film Festival and ‘Best Screenplay’ and ‘Best Supporting Actor: Daniel Faraldo’ at the 2015 Macabre Faire Film Fest. On the music front, Acquaviva was also dubbed ‘Electronic Music Pioneer’ at the 2016 DJ Awards in Ibiza

Today, Acquaviva proudly upholds the titles of zealous vinyl collector, insatiable entrepreneur, executive film producer and label owner. Yet above all, John Acquaviva is the quintessential performer at heart. Last year saw John perform an impressive 7 hour set alongside Daniel Miller at the world renowned Berghain nightclub in Berlin, while also curating the soundtrack for the emotional closing event at Space Ibiza. As he looks ahead to 2017, there’s no telling what evolution John Acquaviva will pull from his sleeve next!

Midival Punditz

The Midival Punditz are easily India’s biggest electronica act. The past 2 decades have seen the rise of the electronica scene within India and no single band has had more influence on its growth than Midival Punditz.

For 18 years their pulsing, driving electronica has pulled from an eclectic variety of sources across the planet. The Punditz have been trailblazers, breaking new ground with each achievement, and creating a path for others to follow.

They were the first Indian electronica act to get signed by an international label, Six Degrees Records in the US. Over the span of their career the duo have released three formidable albums. In 2002 they released their debut album "Midival Punditz", creating quite a stir. "Midival Times" released in 2005 and it further cemented their position as Indi-electro pioneers. Their 2009 release, "Hello Hello" has been their biggest album yet, even earning them a spot on Amazon’s top picks for 2009.

In 2011, Alicia Keys invited the Punditz to perform alongside Norah Jones, Will.I.Am and Usher in New York City, for her charity, Keep A Child Alive. Over the years, their music has been licensed in numerous Hollywood and Bollywood films, International TV Series, Advertisements, Video Games and over 50 compilations. The Punditz are well known for their unique brand of electronica. After touring extensively all over the world, they’ve styled a unique and revolutionary live act that has room for jamming, re-mixing and innovating on stage, thus making no two live shows the same. They’ve played the biggest clubs in the world, including Fabric (London), Joe’s Pub (NYC), Blue Frog (Mumbai), Fillmore East and 1015 Folsom (San Francisco) and 9:30 Club (Washington D.C.). They’ve played this live set at numerous festivals such as Glastonbury (UK), Paleo (Switzerland), Bumbershoot (Seattle), Sunburn (Goa), Stern Grove (USA) (with Tabla Beat Science), even playing to an audience of over 4,00,000 people at the Isha Mahashivratri Festival (India).


Djand Producer Moritz Rausch hails from the town Kiel, near Hamburg. Coming from a musical family he learned to play piano at a young age, played drums and trained his voice. Since his youth he has always been a member of several band projects and concentrated on hiphop and pop. He started his journey through electronic music in the year 2010 and soon invented his Rauschhaus Alias. After years of experimenting he finally developed his unique style. Strong melodies and atmospheres coupled with solid percussion work and amazing sound design. His releases are played by many big names in the scene and are steadily entering the Beatport Top 100. Since 4 years he is throwing his own clubnight at Luna Club Kiel.

LABELS: Parquet Records, Einmusika, Stil vor Talent, Traum Schallplatten, Beatfreak, Manual Music, Plaisirs Sonores Records, Steyoyoke, Proton Music, Mango Alley, Iconyc

REFERENCES: Odonien, Ritter Butzke, Fusion Festival, Übel & Gefährlich, Habitat Festival, Moloch, Südpol, Artheater, Pratersauna, Zu einer Zeit in Gardelegen, Anomalie Art Club, Selectro Mauritius, Audiophilosophie Zürich


Segue means move without interruption from one piece of music or scene to another and that's what he does, an uninterrupted transition from one piece of music to another. Beginning in 2008, Segue became a known name for the underground music scene in his town. A bass Guitarist in a band during his school days, his passion for music motivated him to explore electronic genre of music and that is when he started collecting records of influential producers like Jef Mill, Paul Van Dyk, Benny Benassi, Carl Cox etc.

Currently doing monthly residency on Renegade Radio London , Segue is consistent in his style of mixing his music which is hypnotic, deep, atmospheric with a tender and soulful touch.


A sound that defines SHFT would be best described as boundless, clean and effervescent. He's been an integral part of the underground music community in India and has always kept his head down and kept all his focus on the 'music'. Having played at countless clubs and festivals over the last decade, his knowledge has evolved into a now risk-taking, bold and sincere artist. Both behind the decks and in the studio. His music has been published on reputed labels like Traum, Parquet Recorings, Steyoyoke, Electronic Groove, Blindfold and on Qilla Records, for which he also works as an A&R. Many in the international scene have been supporting his tracks in recent times.


SUDO is a Live act and production team made up of Japanese brothers Isao and Takashi Sudo.

After visiting hotspots like Rotterdam, Ibiza and Berlin in 2012, younger brother Isao Sudo decided to move his base to Berlin.

2016 was huge for SUDO with his Monogram EP on Dubfire’s SCI+TEC which became a huge hit, was played by top DJs on dance floors all around the world, and led to them getting tapped up for many more new releases. These came on MINUS, Set About, Deeperfect, Agile, Night Light Records, Stick Recordings, in turn increasing their notoriety in Europe, North and South America. Gaining support from Adam Beyer, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Pan-Pot, Deadmouse.

Following SUDO's 2016 live debut with Dubfire SCI+TEC Showcase OFF Week Sonar, touring with Egbert, big success in famous Cacao Beach in Bulgaria, then, many people on the dance music scene have high expectations of Japan's latest electronic live act, and in 2018 he caught attention of another big name like Nicole Moudaber, Secret Cinema, 2000 and One and signed their MOOD, Gem records, 100%Pure also he is well aware of that and promise to continue to break new ground going forwards.

Sunny Trehan

Sunny Trehan born and brought up in New Delhi has been involved in the music stream for over a decade now. He grew up listening to the radio and cassettes purging an early interest for music. Although his family has had no connections with the music world, he nonetheless defined a particular taste in electronic music at the age of 17.

The concise characteristics of Sunny”s music are within the dimensions ofsound, taking the listener on a journey full of stories which describe feelings, dreams and desires. Sunny’s music is not solely made to fill the dancefloors, with each note he is trying to reach hearts. His audio talents have evolved overthe years and gained him top spots in the thriving Indian clubbing circuit, thanks to his refined selection of Deep tech, techno with a blend of progressive house.

Tom Demac

There's no second-guessing Tom Demac. From his earliest output in the fertile techno scene of his native North Wales to his most recent world-beating 12's, he has never shied away from trying something new. His music first reached the world matching the experimental spirit of minimal to a tougher techno sensibility. This gave rise to tracks brimming with creativity and packing a punch, thanks to the gutsy analogue set up that has been Tom's calling card since day one.

His performances are an explosive extension of the hands-on approach he has in the studio. From DC10 to Freerotation, Tom's sets have always kept the energy high and dynamic, a constant tribute to the techno roots that set him on his way.

Tom Gillieron

Tom Gillieron does not mess about when it comes to music. An accomplished producer, sound designer, live performer and DJ, Tom Gillieron’s body of work spans a wide variety genres including Deep House and Techno, Ambient, Experimental and Immersive Sound Design.

in 1994 Tom and Asad Rizvi started their label Reverberations (now RvS Music) which is widely regarded as one of the labels responsible for the birth of Tech-house in its original form. Since 1997 Tom has been releasing music on influential labels such as Reverberations (Now RvS Music), Wrong, Eye-Q, TURBO, Visitor, Loaded/Skint, EC Records, SUPERFREQ and Delusions of Grandeur to name a few.

In 2014, along with Olsi Rama, HMS Renton and Anwar Russell - Tom started Dream Diary - a label releasing music that all four members must agree on first listens that it fits the vision. Dream Diary is a vinyl-only label who have released music from Afriqua, Tom Gillieron, Inxec, Oslo Roma, Ruven, Lawrence Hart and more to much critical acclaim. Really, watch out for this label in 2020.

For the last 21 years, Tom has travelled extensively DJing and performing live PAs in London at the legendary Reverberations Warehouse Parties, The END and Fabric as well as parties, clubs and festivals all over Europe, India and North and South America.

Tom is also part of the group Various Production, well known for their releases on their own label as well as the World Renowned independent label, XL Recordings.

While performing Tom plays deep techno, his own percussion-based super trippy productions as well as straight-up jacking tech-house that is sure to move the dancefloor.

Weird Sounding Dude

"One of India’s longest-standing and most intriguing progressive house artists, with productions that stretch much further than the traditional scope of the progressive house" -Progressive Astronaut

Weird Sounding Dude is a Bangalore based music producer/DJ. He has always enjoyed a place in the underground dance music culture. His trademark chuggy grooves and squelchy rhythms are sure to satisfy his audience but there are always a few surprises along the way.

As it happens with a lot of artists, only DJ’ing wasn’t enough for his musical expedition, so he embarked on a journey to prove his worth as a self-taught producer. Drawing his influences by the likes of James Holden, Extrawelt, Nathan Flake and Worakls. Being a regular on the charts of Beatport, his music has gained continuous support from the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Cid Inc., Nick Warren, Guy Mantzur, Nick Muir and many more.

He has already made a mark in the underground circuit with releaseson Plattenbank, Perspectives Digital, onedotsixtwo, Juicebox Music, Tarnished Tracks, If You Wait Music, Strangers Beats, Strange Town Recordings, Stripped Recordings among many others. Well-known blogs Progressive Astronaut, Change Underground, Underground Tel-Aviv, When We Dip, Nie Wieder Schlafen have shown regular interest in his tracks.

He has also made a mark on the DJ circuit by performing at music festivals like Sunburn, R.E.S.E.T., Ctrl Alt Dance and Krank. He’s had the privilege to perform alongside the likes of Nick Warren, Sebastien Leger, Stan Kolev, Jimpster, Vaal, Dauwd, BOg, Ziger, Navar, Kastis Torrau. He was also nominated under the Techno category for MyFav Awards (2014-15).

It’s safe to say that this “Dude” in particular isn’t just another kid on the block. His voyage has slowly started to take shape with no intentions of slowing down.


If you have ever been to Goa which is the party capital of India , Zeeqar is a name that you could not miss. Born and brought up in Goa , he was influenced by underground music at a very young age and took up the decks at an age of 16. Zeeqargot his early influences from bands like Pink Floyd , The Doors , Led Zeppelin which got him to learn the guitar and enter the realm of music. Later he was influenced by electronic music by artist like Bonobo , Amon Tobin , Deadmau5 and BT. With the growth in the electronic scene , he started to compose and make his own productions which started as progressive house and in todays time developed to melodic house & techno. ZEEQAR has been a powerhouse to the underground music scene in Goa since 2009. His Projects like DEEPER GOA , ORBITA PROJECT and SQUARED CIRCLE have been a great success. The club associated with ORBITA PROJECT won the award for the best club in the country in 2019.


At the bleeding edge of his own futureZokhuma(Arman Menzies) represents the end of old things, the beginning of new ones, and a forged alliance with those making alternative electronic music in previously uncharted territories.

This 27-year-old maverick has a mask for every occasion. Well known in the cult progressive metal circles in India for his earlier work for Goddess Gagged before moving on to study music production in the UK; he’s already performed in places like Croatia, Netherlands, UK and Sri Lanka while cherry-picking his way through local gigs & festivals as well.

Unafraid to crisscross between soundscapes you’ve never heard —think frantic, chopped-up African beats or moodier experimental electronica and disco; his sensibilities have a way of putting any audience at ease. Asdoes his infectious energy behind the console.

After releasing his first EP 'Hearts + Fields'in 2018, Zokhuma drops his next EP 'Code'a year later withsounds of leftfield electronica, IDM and breakcore influences


ROAN SABLE is the deeper and brighter side of RECLAIM, a monicker which was triggered to spread his love for House and Disco music!! Inspired by the likes of Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler and Martinez Brothers, this project will focus on the eclectic side of electronic music with a mix of classic house of the years gone by and today's infectious tech house!

Mr. Red

Mr. Red is the Deep Tech/Minimal/Techno project of New Delhi based music producer/Dj Rohit Lall.

Over the years, Rohit has carved a stellar space in the ever-growing list of producers who have taken the Capital and most metropolitans by storm, leading to a subculture of Minimal & Techno enthusiasts. Some of his influences are artists like Khainz, Oliver Huntemann, Re:Axis, Leon Russell, Gaga and Alex Stein.

Red has supported mammoth homegrown & international acts like Julian Jeweil, Arjun Vagale, Betoko, Etap Kyle, Juliet Sikora, Audiojack, Soul Button, Vinayakâ, Kohra, Praveen Achary, Jitter, SHFT and Neuromotor. He has worked with some of the best labels, including Rubik's Recordings, Plazma records, Bully Beatz, Soupherb Records, U.F.O Recordings, ODN Records, Bullfinch and CIRCUIT.

Deep Brown

Deep Brown is the artistic expression of Ankur Kedia emerging from the sonar by- lanes of Kolkata. His career started in 2006 at the age of 16 by holding residencies at local clubs, which helped him sharpen his skills and set the stage for his audio experiments. Playing at the best clubs & festivals all throughout the subcontinent under his former collaborative project - Undefined Dimension, He gained an understanding of dancefloor attitudes, Thus began his foray into electronic music. The new project - Deep Brown - a mix bag of sounds & emotions, evolving from deep & funky grooves, laid back melodic progressions to the more intense beat driven sounds for the peak hours. He was one of the early adopters of digital DJing & has been very instrumental about the possibilities it has to offer. Playing 4 decks with live drum sequencing, his sets are based on the old-school vibe of pure flow, smooth mixes and an on the fly approach of remixing to keep things fresh and connected to the heart of the floor. Come 2013, He co-created the promotion agency Dusdozen to introduce the deeper shades of House/Techno to Calcutta city with over 100 gigs in its lifespan of 4 years.