Morning Space

A small intimate stage, set in a serene atmosphere which will caress your dreams and wake you up from your slumber in a musical way. Join in for a meditative journey of music, where stories are told by rhythmic beats and soft woven fabrics of the wind. Dance your way to ambient world tunes which creates an atmosphere of sonic zone of abandonment, and lets you escape from the noises. Let the world around you slow down, as you embrace yourself and lose yourself in the melodies and unknown sensations of the sounds around you.

Come, and experience the many unsaid emotions expressed through music.

Music by kośa, square and kumharas

SACRED ALCHEMY at District - 3rd March 19

Having hosted a series of Sacred Alchemy parties in cities like Mumbai & Hyderabad, we finally get an opportunity to bring our vision to life under a moonlit night, inside a fort that has been in existence since mid-nineteenth century.

Individual elements of sound, sight and space will fuse together to transform into an immersive whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Those who enter will find their baser instincts trans-mutated by the magic elixir of music. You may be likely to experience a purification of consciousness and unprecedented dissolution of the shadowy parts of your soul.

Your experienced alchemists for the evening are intimately acquainted with the tools and procedures that will lead you down the path of the unknown.

Warning: Sacred Alchemy is not for the faint-hearted. Losing all perception of time and space is a commonly observed side effect.

Film screening Curated by Space Session

Film screening by Gia Singh Arora, Dhwani Guru & Nitin Shekhar.

Gia has recently completed her undergraduate studies from Ashoka University studying English Literature and Performing Arts. Now based back at home, Bombay, her current work in film tries to capture and navigate the body, its movements, stillness, and its shapes through the mode of improvisation. She believes in moving away from the bounds of logic and experiencing reality through mindful subjectivity.

Nitin Shekhar specialises in being a visual design generalist with an eclectic flair for films, animation and graphic design. He holds a Master’s in Communication Design from IDC-IIT Bombay and has a penchant for referring to himself in third person.

Organic Music Sessions by THC

Great morning organic music session at the THC pop up stage with 7-8 Live Musicians playing differenct instruments like Handpan , Guitar, Didgeridoo , Accordion , Percussion , Mouth harp, Throat Singing etc

Yoga Flow by Bhavini

Join them for this rejuvenating & relaxing experience every morning. Special flow designed to meet your body & mind needs at the festival, for breathing into spaces in your body and corrective stretches to release the muscles, to make you feel lighter & recharge you for the rest of the day. A perfect setting to begin a journey to self-love, to experience body-breath connection, healing & friendship that will peel the layers that we put on & uncover who we’ve always been at our core.

Hula Hoop with Eshna Kutty

Eshna Kutty is a self taught flow artist/hoop dancer. Her forte is hula hooping and she also has skills of juggling, poi and contact juggling. She started her journey teaching hooping at Banjara School of Dance in 2014 and went on to training female inmates of Tihar Jail. She has conducted several hoop workshops all over the country. In the last few years, some of the platforms she's performed at are Times Power Women 2018, TedX Gurugram and Injuco to name a few.

Audiophile Goa

Audiophile Goa is a one of a kind retail & experience space for audio enthusiasts. You can find Vinyl Records, turntables, phono stages, tube amps loudspeakers everything under one roof. Come visit them for a demo!

Sound Bath & Deep Yogic Sleep

Let the sounds transport you on a magical journey through healing vibrations of the singing bowls. An introduction to sound vibration healing. Deep sleep meditation is also called as Yoga Nidra where you lay down in a relaxed position and your being is serenaded with calming guided verbal instructions to rejuvenate your body & mind. Deep yogic sleep is immensely powerful & one of the easiest technique. 20 minutes of yogic sleep is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep

Contact Improvisation By THC

It is an open-ended exploration of the kinaesthetic possibilities of bodies moving through contact. Sometimes wild and athletic, sometimes quiet and meditative, it is a form open to all bodies and enquiring minds.

Tea ceremony by Parva Tea Curated by SPACE SESSION

The bounties of nature are plenty, aligning the imminent path of human kind with this true spirit is the only effort required to enjoy these fruits. There are many ways of intercepting these reflections of the inner soul on this mirror called life. One of them being Cha Dao.

Cha Dao when literally translated "the way of tea" is a tradition of chinese lineage. Popularised by the Daoists and Sages, they used it for its immense healing powers, medicinal usage, cultivating awakened presence by sustaining long states of meditation.

The ceremony itself is a journey of orgasmic sensory exploration and awakening of the deep lying stimulus of our characters that can be unmoved by the subtle smell of the beauty that hides inside this graceful compassionate plant teacher.

Though a great way for a communion, tea ceremony can also be used for individual introspection and a daily practise using tai chi disciplines and rejuvenation of Qi.

As a brilliant addition to any workshop retreat or immersion space, tea can enhance people on a whole. Used as an initiation in the morning for clearing the ground for rest of the days work or in between the day for mere appreciation of simpler things in life. Also in a group people can check in to the same mood and vibe as the others.

Tea Ceremony

Hair art so fine, you’ll Dread missin’ it.

Get your mane game on with Dread [email protected] Locals District.

Tarot Reading by Rea

Rea is an Energy worker, a Tarot reader, a creative movement therapist and a trained performing artist (Dancer, Actor, Aerialist, choreographer) with over 18 years of experience. Her experience as an energy worker has found its expression in Movement

Tattoo by artefectodesigns

Artefecto designs are crafted for people who are admirers of art, bohemian at heart and have a gypsy soul.

The craft of needle art has evolved as body ornamentation through the ages. At Artefecto, they retain the authenticity of culture and given it a twist of the now.

Partner Contact Art by Josh & Vaibhavi

A short series of sessions exploring the ideas of the play through bodies. Exploring movement awareness through listening to your body & intuition and extending that awareness by creating conversations through bodies. Contact Improvisation plays with the artistry of falling off balance, counterbalance, finding the shelves of the body & learning the mechanics of the body. At the end it's about moving beyond the thinking mind, surrendering to the rhythm of the music & let your body do the talking & ultimately listening to your own body & mind.

Fool School by Sam Rodgers

Moving beyond our regular behavioral constructs & discovering the silly within. Sam will be facilitating a space for foolishness using the tools from theatrical forms. The silliest & the funniest ice breakers.

Hooping For Heroes by Skye Reid

Exploring object manipulation, through movement dance and play. Connect with your inner child. Bring a thing, prop or possession