Ginza - Locals DISTRICT Flea Market


Ever wondered how most of your clothes and accessories always find their way right at the back of the closet?

We pass no judgement, in fact, we've been there and done that.

Having gone through the ordeal of frequent restocking 'em wardrobes with every passing trend and fed up of the lack of choices, it was time for us to take these pressing matters into our own hands.

With the idea of creating a cheeky and unique range of merchandise thats stands the test of space-time-fashion continuum, ETC came to life.

Larger than life artwork transformed into quirky designs that are swaddled in comfort.

Years will pass and trends will change but ETC will be, what it was always set out to be - An Extra Tolerant Company!

You see, ETC's vibrant creatures would love to spend their days laboriously. For their sake, we figured #WhyNot?

GENES - Lecoanet Hemant

Genes Lecoanet Hemant is a ready-to wear Brand of Lecoanet Hemant: thought and engineered entirely in India for India, it is a lifestyle collection of garments and accessories for the young at heart and happy to be International Indian. It is a modern alternative to contemporary dressing in India.

It is a brand developed by Lecoanet Hemant and is entirely created, developed and manufactured by Lecoanet Hemant in Gurgaon India in separate procedures and workshops under the strict supervision of the designers and their collaborators.

Dhruv Kapoor

Fearless self-expression, twisted modernity, and a strong emotional current come together to make the brand Dhruv Kapoor. Since its inception in 2013, the brand has been synonymous with revolution, transformation & independence.

Far from traditional aesthetic imagery, the brand depicts an endless play of past, present, and future. It is an unrestrained reflection of contemporary society and its interactions with the most diverse cultures where convention is re-defined in the tireless search of new perspectives.

Transcending generations, the brand Dhruv Kapoor brings its ideology to life through tools of confident self-expression. Every collection reinterprets aesthetic codes through a new perspective and challenges the norm. Celebrating an individualistic sense of taste and awareness, our ideology thrives on innovation, freedom and empowerment.


Buck vapes is a vape store located in cyber hub Gurgaon, catering to all kinds of vaping needs. They provide all kinds of vaping gear, dealing in all major brands from around the world. It is the place for adult smokers looking for a healthier alternative and recreational users looking for the e-hookah experience. Buck vapes is an enterprise towards progressive health and a unit of AVC Distributions Pvt Ltd.

AartiVijay Gupta

Aartivijay’s couture redefines contemporary functional clothing, including ready to wear casuals, pret and resort wear. Her prints make a strong statement and she excels in playing with fabrics, colours and strategic print placement.


Khanijo is about relaxed silhouettes, functional handloom fabrics complemented with classic menswear tailoring. Think understated menswear in modern settings rooted in craftsmanship and culture. Inspired by vintage to create a new homegrown classic for the contemporary.


Angela Martin is a self employed fashion designer and stylist from the UK. She has worked in Spain for the last 10 years for bigwigs of the fashion world, brands such as the Zara group & Carolina Herrera.

Presently, launching her own brand Kutcho in Jaipur.

At District, she displays a collection of cute vintage pieces and accessories, perfect for a festival, sourced from all over the world. She will help you style a personlised fun new look.

Limited medicine

Limited Medicine a.k.a Mitali Joseph is an independent artist based out of Mumbai. Her style of work is inspired by geometry, nature and wildlife. The products range from clothing, art, accessories,handmade jewellery, ornaments and charms.


A freshly brewed clothing line. Clothing concepts and designs, inspired from ordinary, everyday life interactions, mirroring the outlook of the youth and trying to capture and connect with the relaxed, fun and easy-going spirit of this generation. Always striving to make you experience with our products as much fun as possible!


POEM was born in the year 2009 with a vision of redefining couture in the world of accessories.

Through their designs, they wish to contribute to the effervescent vigor in the world of fashion.

Their experience in the industry for over 15 years has gives them a deeper understanding of the customer demands helping them keep in toe with the professional standards which in turn deliver bespoke craftsmanship.

Pink Parliament

Pink Parliament aims to revolutionarize the fashion in our society today by bringing back the old with a fresh new feel to it. Pink’ communicates the edge that men’s fashion needs and is beginning to accept now. What has traditionally been feminine forte is now for everyone. ‘Parliament’ denotes our organisation and our followers who will lead fashion and set trends.

We are currently curating Handpicked Vintage and and Vintage inspired eyewear (sunglasses and optical) for both men and women.

Qilla Pop-up @ District

Qilla is one of India's first electronic music labels to have made an impact in the international music community. It functions as a collective of artists, graphic designers, event managers & a record label.

The primary focus of the crew has always been to showcase forward-thinking electronic music in as many ways as possible using a variety of mediums.

Madhav Shorey (Kohra), who is one of the founders of the label now also curates the electronic music segment for The Revolver Club which is one of India's first record stores.

Our first pop-up comes to life at the second edition of the District festival in their Giza flea market exploring the tactile side of the record label. This unique experience will be an amalgamation of work put together by the Qilla crew featuring a select amount of hand-picked vinyls in association with The Revolver Club (Mumbai). Visual merchandise in the form of stickers, slipmats & posters in association with Aniruddh Mehta a.k.a bigfatminimalist (Mumbai) & a special edition t-shirt available across all sizes in association with Urban Flux (Mumbai).


The, nee 2017, was conceived by design. And brought into the panty world by a creative reaction to the polka dots, flowers and Aztec patterns that have come to dominate women’s underwear in terms of graphic design. Rendering interesting graphics on little pieces of fabric is hard; something we learnt along the way. Designs that are not conducive to line-printing pose a tremendous challenge: lines have to be matched up and design elements have to be placed on specific parts of the undergarments.

Our products are not mass-produced, have unique designs, and are made with the softest modal fabric.

Our undies are fun, and relaxed, while our loose ‘drapey’ ready-to-sleep wear is something you can throw on in a jiffy and lounge about in when you don’t feel like getting dressed.

THC - The Hippie Collective

The Hippie Collective is a diverse community of alternative artists and at Ginza we plan bring you Hand Crafted Music Intruments , Festival clothing , Upcycled Accesories alongwith Workshops of Hula Hoop, Mouth Harp and 3 Ball Juggling and of course a lot of Live jamming.

Space Session

Space session is an independent Community bringing in musicians, host and artist, installation with dancers, food and bakery pop up kiosks and we are bringing space stall to localsdistrict.

A stall to buy space session merchandise, cups. Phone cases, notebooks etc with artist artwork.

And much more by gaia goddess jewellery, clothes.

Also find Art stall by Parul Jain, Rashmi Suthar & Miron Dsouza

Zen Zula by Roots

Roots Production has been engaged in conceptualizing, creating and inventing Musical Instruments handcrafted since 1994. We at Roots Production, believe that a real musical instrument is like a living being and has a soul. Each instrument has a character all of it’s own and each is made with love. When ready they leave the workshop to go on out into the world, find a home and hopefully live enriched and fulfilling lives, interacting with other beings, expressing themselves

Zenzula: The Zenzula is a small musical instrument from Africa, the roots of which could be traced back to more than 3000 years. This instrument is a wonderful, hand-made piece of art. Andrew Masters, a musician and artist with roots in Africa and the Caribbean, and Jayvardhan Bisht from Ranikhet in Uttarakhand have been lovingly designing, making and selling them for almost 20 years now. They come in multiple shapes and sizes and each one is unique in appearance and sound. They are not difficult to learn to play and because they are so portable it is even easier to be discrete and spontaneous with them than with a guitar. Variously known in different parts of the world as kalimba, karimba, mbira or thumb piano, this type of instrument makes a sweet, calming sound which appeals to young and old alike. The sound is quietly bewitching - it elicits joy and seems to bring out the good in people.

They are a perfect companion for yoga, relaxation, meditation, story telling as well as for creating beautiful music. No one should be without one!